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2006 JUNE 2012 VENUS TRANSIT. The Venus Transit (also called The Venus Passing or The Venus Crossing) - the passing of Venus in front of the Sun. This phenomenon can be seen with telescope, or sometimes even with the naked eye. It happens at most twice in a century. The Last Venus passings occurred in 1874, in 1882 and in 2004. The next one will happen in June 2012. Historically, accurate measurement of such passings had significant value for determining distance between Earth and the Sun and was a reason for many expeditions and measurement campaigns of the most respectable scientists. Nowadays, the distance determining is made by means of space voyage and radiolocation. This event is very important and extraordinary for all the people in the world, and especially astronomers and stargazer, because the next Venus crossing of the solar disk will occur only in 105 years in 2117. Program for visiting Novosibirsk during the Transit of Venera:

  • Transit of Venera stopover in Novosibirsk from 2 pax
  • TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILWAY TRIP. The Trans-Siberian Railroad, built within only 25 years, is the longest railroad on the planet! It stretches from Moscow to Vladivostok and covers more than 9000 km. Modern trains cross this distance within a week, traveling through eight time zones! Try one of the following trips: From Moscow to Vladivostok or from Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia. On the way you may choose the cities at which to stop over: Ekaterinburg, connected with Russia´s last imperial Family or vivid Novosibirsk with possible visits to the astounding Altai Mountains, Krasnoyarsk with enigmatic Stolby Natural Reserve or old Irkutsk, combined with an exploration of the legendary lake Baikal! Please ask us for e-mailing you a Transsiberian Travel Catalogue in PDF! Options and stopovers for interesting and not too standard Transsiberian trip:

  • CLASSIC TRANSSIB (Moscow-Ekaterinburg-Novosibirsk-Irkutsk-Ulan-Ude - Ulanbaatar-Beijing) from 2 pax
  • RURAL SIBERIA (Krasnoyarsk-Novosibirsk-Omsk) from 6 pax
  • HEARTY SIBERIA (Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk) from 2 pax
  • SIBERIA by TRANSIBERIAN! Novosibirsk, lake Baikal and Buryat Republic /for minigroups/
  • NOVOSIBIRSK STOPOVERS (Novosibirsk + Tomsk) from 2 pax
  • NOVOSIBIRSK EXCURSIONS from 2 pax and more

    THE ALTAI MOUNTAINS, one of the least known yet most curious corners of Russia! Located at an equal distance away from four oceans, it lies on the crossroads of Mongolian and Turkic worlds, and keeps all the traces of the centuries-old history. Moreover, the Altai has escaped urbanization, remaining unchanged in the diversity of its landscape - limpid rivers, dense taiga, high-mountain meadows, the icy mountain streams and sparkling glaciers! The Altai is one of the few places where all levels of different types of active tourism are available. You will certainly enjoy mountain-climbing, white water rafting, horseback riding, as well as trekking, hiking and speleo-explorations. Please ask us for any tailor-made program or download one of the following tours & ideas:

  • ALTAI ESCAPES (brief tours for Transsib-travellers) from 2 pax
  • ALTAI BACKPACKING fixed-dates departures from 1 pax
  • BUTTERFLY-WATCHING in the Altai for mini-groups
  • BIRD-WATCHING in the Altai for mini-groups
  • FISHING & HUNTING options in Siberia
  • TURKIC ALTAI cultural&arechological group trip
  • ANTLERS BATHES from 1 pax


    LAKE BAIKAL.The Baikal is one of the biggest and most ancient lakes on our planet, and a miracle of Siberian nature. It is not a place for hustle and bustle. Here you feel like thinking about eternity and the world's harmony. Today, as in the past, Baikal remains at the crossroads of cultures, where native Sayats still herd reindeers and Buryat people keep many of their old traditions. Baikal is beautiful especially during the summer: clear limpid waters, plenty of marvelous bays, picturesque landscape, boundless expanse of forest and mountains. Lake Baikal contains more than 1/5 of the world's reserves of fresh water. It is the world's deepest lake with the unbelievably clear water. In fact, some visitors feel uncomfortable when they peer over the side of the boat and are able to see 50 meters downward! Come to the Baikal for active, cultural or contemplative and meditative tours all around the lake!Please ask us for any tailor-made program or download the following tours & ideas:

  • BAIKAL LAKE TOURS from 1 pax
  • FISHING CRUISE along the Baikal shores for mini-groups

    SAYAN MOUNTAINS, KHAKASSIA AND TYVA REPUBLIC.This magic land is famous for its ancient civilization´s monuments, unique nature reserves, traditional festivals and customs (wrestling, guttural singing, etc.) and a mixture of Buddhism and shamanism beliefs of its people, still preserved and maintained among the Tuvans. Tyva is an area of great variety, with almost every type of landscape: luxuriant meadows, boundless steppe, medicinal springs, beautiful lakes, rushing mountain rivers fed in spring by melting snows, dusty semi-deserts and snowy chains of mountains. Participate in the excellent unique excursion tour "The Great Sayan Ring" to see by your own eyes natural and historical treasures of the Sayan Mountains! Please ask us for any tailor-made program or download the following tours & ideas:

  • GREAT TRIP OF SAYAN, TYVA and BURYATIA for group travel
  • TOURS OF TYVA, SAYAN MOUNTAINS AND KHAHASSIA with fixed-dates departures from 1 pax


    EXPEDITIONS BY LAND ROVER DEFENDER CARS Possessing 5 Land Rover Defender Cars, we annually organize several 4WD tours, events and expeditions, both driven by professional drivers and by clients. These tours are especially interesting for adventure, active and ethnography-oriented travellers (they allow to see the traditions of local people: the Altaian, the Kazakh, the Mongols, the Jungarians, the Chinese, the Tibetan and the Nepalese), as well as for those travellers who are fond of driving through the rocky deserts, challenging hard roads, and are able to feel the unique local flavor of Asia beyond the simple map names and route key points! Travelers cross the high mountains of Russian and Mongolian Altai, Jungaria and the legendary Gobi Desert, before entering deeply into difficult-to-acess regions. Please ask us for any tailor-made program or download the following tours & ideas:
  • EXPEDITION WITH RUSSIAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY from Novosibirsk to Mongolia-China-Myanmar-Bhutan-Tibet and back. Join for ANY part of the trip! (Tours will be updated soon)

    YAKOUTIA Yakutia, or Sakha Republic, is a vast unexplored region of Siberia in the northeast of Russia. The territory of Yakutia is one fifth of Russia's, while the population (about 1 million) can easily be be placed in one district of Tokyo city. In brief, tourism in Yakutia can be described by four «E»: Eco. Any trip to Yakutia, whatever tour you choose, will be ecologically-oriented. Ethno. Sakha-people are the most northern and probably the most ancient of all in the numerous family of Turk cattle breedings peoples. Extreme. Be ready to spend the night in tents or farmhouses, to drive on difficult roads, fly by helicopter, sail by canoes and small boats, ride horses or reindeer. Exotic. The total area of Yakutia is located in the permafrost zone, which is almost unnoticeable in summer. It is Yakutia where there is the Cold Pole, the coldest place in the northern hemisphere, where in 1924 Academician Sergei Obruchev fixed the lowest temperature for our hemisphere — minus 71.2 degrees Centigrade. Here one can see such a unique natural phenomena as Aurora Borealis, norhern lights. Here, beyond the Polar Circle, night lasts all winter and day lasts all summer and in the tundra local mushrooms can grow higher than local trees. Please ask us for any tailor-made program or download the following tour:

  • CRUISE ON LENA RIVER by Mikhail Svetlov cruise ship, July,27 - Aug,9 and Aug,10-23 2012, from 1 pax


    PLATEAU PUTORANA POLAR REGION Putorana is a very special place at the very north of Siberia. Surrounded by thousands of kilometers of arctic plains, these fortress-like mountains amaze everyone's mind when approaching them in a helicopter. By the way, a helicopter in the only option for the put-in and take-out. The plateau itself is quite low (just 1000-1500m above sea level) and flat, valleys are often filled with long narrow fjord-type lakes and rivers typically have only one sort of white water interest - waterfalls. These falls can be HUGE and almost none of them have ever been tried out. There is no local population in the area, with exception of casual hunters or fishermen. The nearest settlements are a few hundred kilometers away from the plateau, separated by impassable swamp, taiga and tundra. What to do in Putorana? Fishing (not-to-be-missed experience for fishing fans!), filming goregous canyons and waterfalls from the birds-eye view and rafting (while paddling there, you're really on your own!) Please ask us for any tailor-made program (for groups only) or to join you to an existing group in summer-2012!

    Tours 2012 by request.

    KAMCHATKA Kamchatka is a unique land where fire meets ice. There are more than 160 volcanoes on the peninsula (29 of them are active), due to the fact that it lies on the Great Pacific “ring of fire”. Volcanoes and volcanic peaks, cyclones and underground heat created here a mixture of twenty climate zones and a great variety of flora and fauna. But the main attractions of Kamchatka are volcanic calderas, stone sculpture “parks” and lakes in craters, geysers and mineral springs, all in pristine condition. Despite its great size, the peninsula is home to just 400,000 people, half of which live in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city. As such, the peninsula is a vast, uninhabited wilderness, where one can climb volcanoes, sport hunt for bears, visit geysers, spend hours in natural hot springs, or go fishing in wild rivers or off the coast. Please ask us for any tailor-made program or download the following tours & ideas:
  • VIRGIN KAMCHATKA group tour


    (Moscow - St.Petersburg - Golden Ring)

    Cultural and historical sights, abundancy of museums, theatres and circuses - do not miss it all on your way back home, after visiting Siberia! If you consider yourself a megapolis-travel & city-tourism lover, then you should definitely plan a longer trip to our beautiful 2 capitals: Moscow and St.Petersburg!

    Please ask us for any tailor-made program or download the following tours & ideas:

  • ROYAL RUSSIA TRIP (Moscow, St.Petersburg and Golden Ring) group trave



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